What is WPaaS?

WPaaS is Web Hosting’s WordPress as a Service.

This new WPaaS area will be a hosted WordPress installation that we will maintain and keep patched, secured, and up to date.
The WPaaS is a cloud based setup and is completely separate from the current Web Hosting environment.
Users will still maintain their site content, and have access through the WP admin console.

If you have strictly a wordpress site, migration to WPaaS will be straightforward.
If you have a wordpress site and other php and database programs/scripts running in your Web Hosting site, we will need to communicate with you
to find a solution for your needs.

Benefits of Using WPaaS

  • Cloud based WordPress environment with ability to add plugins/themes/users ONLY
  • Ability to keep your current VT domain name
  • Maintenance, patching of WordPress base done for you
  • Ordering and renewal of site SSL Certificate done for you

NO database access
NO SFTP/DAV access

NOTE: themes/plugins – There are general restrictions to software used (by legal), and as far as to what we understand, wordpress authorized themes and plugins are under this Umbrella.
Please review the VT policies concerning software here (Software Purchasing Guidelines)
and this one: (University Contract Signature Policy and Procedures).