What is WebDAV?
WebDAV or Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning is a transfer protocol that allows persons to gain access to remote server website folders for editing, file placement, etc, and is what we have available to users. Most are more familiar with ftp or sftp (File Transfer Protocol/Secure File Transfer Protocol). Web Hosting does not have that as a way to access site folders and files.

There are different software applications to connect to the site folder via webdav, here are three: Cyberduck, Finder and WebDrive.

All of Departmental Web Hosting uses HTTPS or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.

Note: Please Disconnect the webdav connection when you finish your work, as the webdav session expires after eight hours.
(Leaving a webdav connection open poses a security risk.)
After that time is up, if you have NOT disconnected, you will be prompted to re-authorize via 2FA, repeatedly, until you respond.
If you do not respond, your duo account will get locked.
A possible other option is to use the 24-hour-valid “JWT”. To get one go here


WebDrive  (One can also download this software through VT: www.ita.vt.edu/Apps/WebObjects/NetSoftware )